Dallas Kosher Chili Cook-off

Celebrating 22 Years of Most Excellent Kosher Chili

22 years of lifeDallas Kosher Chili Cook-Off celebrates its 22nd birthday as a community building event, Sunday, March 22, 2015 — 2nd of Nisan, 5775 — ב׳ בְּנִיסָן תשע״ה בְּאַדָר ב׳ תשע״ד.

Following its beginnings 22 years ago, the chili cook-off soon became an important event for creating community among the diverse Jewish people of North Texas. Mirroring its success, the cook-off has been replicated throughout the country.

The cook-off is large, with 40 to 50 teams participating in a blind-tasting competition of beef and veggie chili recipes. Using 1,300 pounds of beef, oodles of veggies and seasonings, and many secret ingredients, the teams prepare a total of 940 gallons of chili. Of course, all cooking starts, stays and ends kosher, under rabbinic supervision.

So mark your calendars now!

And while it may seem like a long time until the cook-off, while you wait, be sure to check out the pictures and videos from 2014.

girls flies on the tethered jumping ride at the dallas kosher chili cook-off

Food! Fun! Fellowship!

What makes the cook-off so popular?

While dozens of chili recipes—some spicy, some not—serve as the most popular food of the cook-off, you can also enjoy other refreshments—edibles, sweets and beverages—from the concessions.
Beyond chili, the cook-off offers popular games, exciting rides, professional live music, colorful vendors and a somewhat quiet silent auction. Fun for all ages.
The cook-off attracts people from all sorts of backgrounds. We all join together to enjoy the day and build some bridges.

professional musicians add to the high quality fun at dallas kosher chili cook-off

The Crowds Just Keep Coming

In addition to bringing together the Jewish communities of North Texas, the cook-off reachs out to its broader neighborhoods.

Join the Celebration

Whether you sign up as a team, volunteer as a friend, show up as a vendor, give support as a sponsor, or come by as a taster, the cook-off works to deliver good times for everyone.

vendor tables at dallas kosher chili cook-off

Parking is Easy and Free at JCC

There’s plenty of free parking at the JCC. And, you can get a free ride both ways on a climate-controlled bus.

Family-Oriented Fun and Prices

Our sponsors help underwrite the cost of the cook-off. This helps keep the ticket prices modest for families and everyone else.

two kids and an adult on stilts goof around with plumber's friends at dallas kosher chili cook-off

Located in North Dallas

The cook-off resides on the campus of Tiferet Israel at 10909 Hillcrest Road, Dallas, Texas, just north of Royal Lane.

Think Your Chili Team is Hot?

Join the fun. The teams cook beef and vegetarian chili.

Download the team registration form to sign-up your team today. Also, be sure to check out the team information.

stirring pots of chili at dallas kosher chili cook-off

Good Food, Good Cause

The Dallas Kosher Chili Cook-Off is an annual community building event hosted by Congregation Tiferet Israel. The event draws 4,000 to 5,000 people from across the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

With the cook-off now in its 21st year, Tiferet Israel continues to share proceeds with local charities.

happy crowd at dallas kosher chili cook-off

Healthy, Tasty, Fun

Dallas Kosher Chili Cook-Off is the funnest, tastiest, healthiest chili cook-off in Texas, the USA and the World! It is probably also the largest kosher chili cook-off you’ve ever seen.

little girl in pink cowboy hat eats pink cotton candy at dallas kosher chili cook-off

Remember the Date

The 21st Annual Kosher Chili Cook-off will be on March 22, 2015, 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at Congregation Tiferet Israel, 10909 Hillcrest Road, Dallas, Texas.

a crowd gathers at a team booth at dallas kosher chili cook-off

More Information

For more information on the Dallas Kosher Chili Cook-off, please contact the synagogue at (214) 691-3611. You can also use our contact page.

dallas county district attorney craig watkins chats with a guest at the dallas kosher chili cook-off

Bring Your Non-Perishable Food

When you attend the Kosher Chili Cook-Off be sure to bring non-perishable food items to contribute to the Jewish Family Service Food Pantry.

Non perishables are food items you find in a pantry—oil, sugar, rice, crackers, dried cereal, canned goods and so on.

It is important to provide food that is not out-of-date. Of course, we recognize that out-of-date items do have an additional shelf life but we request that all donated items be up-to-date.

Thank you for helping us be respectful of the individuals and families served by the Jewish Family Service Food Pantry.

panorama view at dallas kosher chili cook-off