Dispose of Drugs at KCC

The 2019 Dallas Kosher Chili Cook-off is partnering with the Recovery Resource Center and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to help you properly dispose of unused or expired drugs—prescription and non-prescription for people or animals.

You can drop off your items at the collection areas located outside the entrances of the cookoff.

Important: No needles, sharps or inhalers can be accepted.

The recovery program also has a tent at the cookoff where you can talk with representatives about your questions and concerns.

The DEA National RX Take-Back pamphlet says:

Take-back programs are the best way to dispose of old drugs. But if a program is not available:

  • Take the meds out of their bottles;
  • Mix them with something unappealing like used kitty litter or coffee grounds;
  • Seal them in a bag or disposable container, and throw that away.

For more information on prescription drug abuse, go to: