Kosher Questions

Dallas Kosher

Kosher questions may arise when planning your chili. In addition to the training you receive from our online videos and from the team meetings, you can receive help and answers from Dallas Kosher.

Dallas Kosher (also called the “DK”) is our community’s non-profit agency to promote the observance of Kashrut through supervision, education, and assistance to families, schools, and community organizations.

The DK was incorporated in 1965 by a dedicated group of lay leaders and today its membership exceeds 800 families from all area congregations and throughout Texas.

While its members have varying levels of observance, the DK sets a community standard for Kashrut that is inclusive of everyone and meets the highest Torah standard of which we can all take pride.

You can join Dallas Kosher by mailing your tax-deductible donation to DK at 7800 Northaven Rd., Dallas, Texas 75230.

For more information visit Dallas Kosher on the Web.

Kashrut Certifications

The following is a partial list of reliable kashrut certifications found locally. The list is not exhaustive and is subject to change. The DK Rabbinical staff is available to answer your concerns or kashrut questions. You can contact the DK directly at

Kosher Certifications

Downloadable version of the certifications.

For more information visit Dallas Kosher on the Web.