Think Chili and Please Volunteer!

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Volunteers make it happen at the Dallas Kosher Chili Cook–Off.

Download the form below and email it to info@kosherchilicookoff.us to sign up as a volunteer-

volunteers at backdoor

First Time and Return Volunteers Needed

It’s that time of year again when you should be thinking chili! Especially Chili Cook–Off and how you can help again this year or be a first-time volunteer at Congregation Tiferet Israel’s annual Dallas Kosher Chili Cook–Off.

Shifts and Breaks

The cook–off opens at 11AM and shift assignments are 90 minutes. For those of you who graciously give us anywhere from half–a–day to the entire day, we are building in break times so that you can taste, eat, shop and generally partake of the festivities.

Big Games Staffed by Professionals

The big games (Climbing Wall, Trampoline etc) are handled by a professional crew, which frees us up to using our younger volunteers’ talents elsewhere. Teen volunteers receive community service credit for the hours they work.

volunteers at gate

Saturday Night Set-up

On Saturday night after Shabbat are going to be doing most of the set up for the chili cook–off, instead of early Sunday morning.

We are using plastic table covers with elastic. We will provide cut paper to the teams for preparing their chili, but it will be disposed of prior to opening the event.

Pots, burners, tables, chairs, signs, etc. will all be placed in their proper positions so that we have less to do on Sunday morning.

Overnight Security

We have hired several policemen to be on site overnight to guard against any problems that could occur. We are going to be assigning volunteers to specific tasks so that nothing gets missed and we can get done in a timely manner.

police provide security overnight and during the cook-off

If you are able to help us set up on Saturday night after Shabbat—approximately 8PM—please check any of the tasks that you would like to help with and we will get back to you with your assignment or assignments.

Thank you all for your assistance. We are looking forward to seeing you at this year’s Dallas Kosher Chili Cook–Off!